Gap-fill exercise

1. Complete this advice on contracting a consultant using the word in brackets in its correct form.

1. It's crucial you take on a consultant with the right experience and (expert) in the industry.
2. It's best to recruit a (reputation) consultant or one that is a member of a recognised consulting body or association.
3. Bear in mind that smaller (consult) firms tend to charge less than the larger and better known ones.
4. The (allocate) of time and money should be clearly set out in the client's brief.
5. Make sure the consultant's (deliver) are clearly defined before the project starts.
6. The consultant's (propose) should also include the fees, terms and conditions of the project.
7. Use SMART when evaluating the feasibility of a project or task: is it specific, measurable, (achieve) , relevant and time limited?
8. Some firms experience problems with (recruit) and retention of consultants as many leave because of the demands of the job.

2. Say whether each conditional sentence (1-6) is a first (1), second (2), third (3) or a mixed (M) conditional and match it to its correct function (a-f).
1. Were the completion date to be brought forward, we could not guarantee quality of service. Type: Function:
2. Had I listened to you, we wouldn't have gone over budget. Type: Function:
3. We wouldn't be having these problems now if we hadn't contracted your firm! Type: Function:
4. Should you be interested in our training solutions, we can arrange a meeting. Type: Function:
5. Unless you specify milestones in the contract, the project will overrun. Type: Function:
6. You're going to be disappointed if you take on that firm. Type: Function:

a) Making an offer
b) Emphasising something is unlikely to happen
c) Stating a necessary condition
d) Giving advice
e) Describing a hypothetical situation in the past
f) Expressing complaint or criticism

3. Look at this letter following a contract agreement between Unicorn Consulting and a new Slovenian client. In most of the lines (1-12) there is an extra word that doesn't fit. Write the extra word or put OK if the line is correct.

Dear Mr Dimitri Cuk,
(1)Further to our meeting yesterday in Ljubljana, I am writing OK
(2)to confirm for the terms and conditions of our agreement. for
(3)With respect to the implementation of an IT systems in your
(4)company and subsequent staff for training, we would be happy
(5)to assign two the specialist consultants with expertise in SAP
(6)systems. Fees will be paid according to our T&M contract: please
(7)refer within to the attached document for a description of
(8)timescale and deliverables for the project, including fee pays
(9)details. If should you require further information about our
(10)consultancy proposal, please do not to hesitate to contact me.
(11)We thank you once again for your generous hospitality in
(12)Ljubljana and we very much look forward to working with you.
Best regards.
Anna Belmont
Senior Consultant