Supermodel in the hot seat



The model Sophie Dahl, 20, is the granddaughter of the children's writer Roald Dahl. She is quite unusual because, for once, we have a supermodel who is bigger than the average size. Sophie works for model agency Storm. She has been in a number of top fashion magazines including Elle, Vanity Fair and Italian Vogue. She kindly agreed to answer some questions from our readers.

Who is your ideal man? (Chris and Tony, Liverpool)
Somebody who makes me laugh a lot, who thinks I look fantastic with unwashed hair - and who'll send me flowers. Basically, no one I know, unfortunately.

How did you start modelling? Is it something you always wanted to do? (Danni Fielding, Bristol)
I actually wanted to be a writer but then I was spotted on the street.I was crying after having a huge fight with my mother and this woman said to me, 'Let me make you into a supermodel' and I said 'OK.'

What do you do with all the hours between fashion shows? (Lisa Stevenson, King's Lynn)
Read a lot, and drink endless cups of tea.

What was the last film and the last pop group you went to see? (Sara Peters, Nottingham)
I went on a date to see Armageddon in New York. The film was dreadful and the date not much better. The last group I saw were the Beastie Boys and they were fantastic!

What memories do you have of your grandfather? Have you read any of his books - and if so, which ones are your favourites? (Paula, Chester)
I miss him terribly. He was extraordinary. We used to talk about books a lot. I made him laugh. My favourite book by him is The BFG, which is actually about me!

Do you exercise? If so, what do you do and where? (Emily, Nuneaton)
I work out with a trainer three times a week.

Do you believe in marriage? (Debbie Penrose, Winchester)
Yes! But only for love.

What do you think you'll be doing five years from now? (Chrissie HaSan, Norwich)
Hopefully, I'll be happy and extremely rich, so I won't have to work! I'll also be married to an amazing guy, making pasta -somewhere in southern Italy, surrounded by my friends.